Ceramic Worktops

Ceramic worktops are increasingly being seen in the kitchen. Discover the advantages of a ceramic worktop.

When you are looking for a new kitchen worktop, it needs to be hard wearing as well as stylish. Taking up a large expanse of kitchen, and always on show, your worktop needs to be kept blemish-free at all time. The surface chosen for the kitchen needs to be water-proof, but also hard wearing enough to withstand day-to-day wear and tear, from spillages and minor scratches.

Light Grey Ceramic Worktop

The benefits of choosing ceramic worktop for the kitchen include:

Totally impermeable – Ceramic is extremely hard-wearing and durable enough to withstand the most vigorous of daily wear and tear that comes with modern living. Resistant to mildew, and thus to mould and bacteria, porcelain offers a hygienic solution for moist and humid surroundings such as the kitchen. Water won’t cause any damage to the material and can be easily wiped clean away.

Great resistance – Scratch and stain resistant, porcelain (a high-quality ceramic) is ideal for the kitchen or bathroom. Food can be prepared directly on the surface if required (although a matching chopping board is a recommended accessory) and spillages – even from chemicals such as bleach – can be simply wiped away with no damage done.

Easy to care for – Installing ceramic is a simple process, and maintaining the material is simply a case of wiping clean with a damp cloth and some mild detergent. Unlike natural materials such as granite and marble, porcelain won’t need to be resealed either, making this a low-maintenance and cost-effective option. There is no need for harsh and abrasive chemicals or for a huge amount of elbow grease to keep your ceramic worktop looking as good as new. A clean, soft cloth and normal kitchen cleaner will be more than enough.

Cream Ceramic Worktop

A versatile solution – ceramic worktops are available in a wide variety of colours and a choice of finishes, with something suitable for any situation. Choose from the latest trends, a marble-effect design or a colour and finish that contrasts with your choice of furniture – the options are endless with porcelain.

Not just for worktops – available in a 6mm thickness, porcelain is ideal for splash backs, indoor and outdoor wall cladding and can be used for flooring too. Thanks to its low water absorption rate of less than 0.2% porcelain is resistant to frost and ice and as it is UV resistant the colour of the surface won’t fade over time even when in contact with direct sunlight.